[Nets-seminars] First talk of term Friday 16th Jan 4pm GS/302

Richard G. Clegg richard at richardclegg.org
Sat Jan 10 12:10:45 GMT 2009

Our first speaker this term is Lloyd Wood from Surrey.  Note the change 
to Friday instead of Wednesday this term.

Implementing the Interplanetary Internet

Efforts are underway to put more networking in the environment of outer 
space. An "Interplanetary Internet" has been proposed - but how will it 
function as a network? There are different views and approaches. In 2008 
the first tests of the Interplanetary Internet in space, using the 
"Bundle Protocol" intended for delay- and disruption-tolerant 
networking, were carried out. This talk overviews those tests and the 
"Bundle Protocol" -- and the differing views of and approaches taken to 
these developments.

Lloyd Wood is a Chartered Engineer who serves as a space initiatives 
manager and technical leader in Cisco Systems' Global Government 
Solutions Group, where he has had responsibility for CLEO, the Cisco 
router in Low Earth Orbit, for over five years. Lloyd spent some years 
contributing to the Internet Engineering Task Force and modifying IOS, 
Cisco's router software... software now flying in space on CLEO. Working 
with colleagues from NASA Glenn Research Center and Surrey Satellite 
Technology Ltd, Lloyd achieved the first tests from orbit of IPv6 and of 
the delay-tolerant networking bundle protocol. Lloyd gained his PhD from 
the Centre for Communication Systems Research at the University of 
Surrey, where he researched internetworking and satellite constellations.
Richard G. Clegg,
Dept of Elec. Eng.,
University College London

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