[Nets-seminars] NOW: SOSP practice talk by Joshua Leners (UT Austin)

Brad Karp B.Karp at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 10:50:16 BST 2011

Please attend this important talk!

See you there,

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> Subject: TOMORROW, Thu 20th Oct, 11 AM: SOSP practice talk by Joshua Leners (UT Austin)
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> A reminder about tomorrow morning's SOSP practice talk for Josh Leners.
> Full talk announcement below.
> This is a chance to see work at the forefront of distributed systems
> research, to appear in the premier systems research venue.
> All strongly encouraged to attend!
> -Brad, bkarp at cs.ucl.ac.uk
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> Subject: Thursday, 20th Oct, 11 AM: SOSP practice talk by Joshua Leners
> (UT          Austin)
> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:02:22 +0100
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> Greetings, everyone.
> SOSP 2011, this year's instance of the biennial premier CS systems
> research conference, is next week in Cascais, Portugal. It is my
> pleasure to announce that Joshua Leners of UT Austin will give a
> practice talk on his accepted SOSP paper here at UCL this Thursday at
> 11 AM. Joshua is advised by Mike Walfish, now an Assistant Professor
> at UT Austin, whom many of you will remember from his term visiting
> the Networks Research Group here at UCL CS in 2008.
> Josh's work offers an exciting new approach to detecting failures in
> distributed systems. Failure detection is a central and very
> challenging problem, with major implications both for robustness and
> performance.
> This is a chance to hear a talk on state-of-the-art distributed
> systems research, and also to help Joshua prepare for the notoriously
> critical SOSP audience by asking hard questions and giving him
> feedback on how to improve his talk.
> All strongly encouraged to attend! Full talk announcement follows.
> See you there,
> -Brad, bkarp at cs.ucl.ac.uk
> ------
> Detecting Failures in Distributed Systems with the FALCON Spy Network
> 			   Joshua Leners
> 		   University of Texas at Austin
>                     11 AM, 20th October 2011
>                Room SB1, 188 Tottenham Court Road
> Abstract:
> A common way for a distributed system to tolerate crashes is to
> explicitly detect them and then recover from them. Interestingly,
> detection can take much longer than recovery, as a result of many
> advances in recovery techniques, making failure detection the dominant
> factor in these systems' unavailability when a crash occurs.
> In this talk, I will present the design, implementation, and
> evaluation of Falcon, a failure detector with several desirable
> properties. First, Falcon's common-case detection time is sub-second,
> which keeps unavailability low. Second, Falcon is reliable: it never
> reports a process as down when it is actually up.  Third, Falcon
> sometimes kills to achieve reliable detection but aims to kill the
> smallest needed component. Falcon achieves these features by
> coordinating a network of *spies*, each monitoring a layer of the
> system. Falcon's main cost is a small amount of platform-specific
> logic. Falcon is thus the first failure detector that is fast,
> reliable, and viable. As such, it could change the way that a class of
> distributed systems is built.
> Bio:
> Joshua Leners is a 4th-year PhD student at UT Austin, advised by Mike
> Walfish.

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